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Here at Second Coming Music we like to think that everyone is "diggin" our vibes and feeling the music.  That's why we created this site and continue to operate it for the fans.  We hope you can find everything you need that relates to music and the music industry.  Our current page is undergoing a new face lift so bear with us during this transformation period.  As always be sure and check out the products, music articles, and music news as we try to update the website once a week with the latest in music history and gossip.  Don't hesitate to drop us a line or give us the fresh scoop on what's happening in the music biz in your area.

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Armstrong Metro Classic Maple – Classic Design in a Maple Floor 

Armstrong Metro Classic Maple is a collection of engineered hardwood and is a filled-face surface with a piano-smooth finish that looks polished and sophisticated. Rich color and graining with micro-beveled edges and ends for a modern style. Armstrong Metro Classic Maple is available in a number of finishes including Cinnamon which is a deep reddish brown and Cocoa Brown a deep rich brown, also available is Country Natural light which shows natural shading of very light to light toast color and Natural is a light sunshine and buttery color, Toasted Almond is the color of toast and has a consistent color throughout the finish. Armstrong Metro Classic Maple can accommodate almost all the design features you want in your new flooring.  

Armstrong Metro Classics Maple

Armstrong Metro Classics Maple Cinnamon

Armstrong Metro Classics Maple Cocoa Brown

Armstrong Flooring

Armstrong Metro Classic Maple has been popular sellers since its introduction in the 1990’s. There are two widths available in this engineered hardwood which comes in three and five inch plank with an overall thickness at 3/8 of one inch. Engineered wood floors are real wood floors and should not be confused with laminate flooring.  Engineered wood floors are constructed with a solid wood veneer adhered to plywood backing; similar to furniture with wood veneer tops. Laminate floors are man-made floors with a melamine surface over machine printed or embossed wood or tile patterns. 

Installation method for Armstrong Metro Classics in Maple calls for floating; stapling or gluing direct by the trowel method to properly prepared flat sub floors. Floating a hardwood floor means unlike traditional solid-wood strips, a floating floor isn’t nailed down. Instead, the planks are either glued or snapped together. The planks go down fast, over virtually any material—concrete, plywood, sheet vinyl, even ceramic tile. There are several floating floor materials available, but if you want real wood, the best choice is engineered flooring. 

Armstrong Metro Classics Maple Natural

Armstrong Metro Classics Toasted Almond

Armstrong Hardwood Floors

Armstrong Metro Classic Maple will provide warmth and beauty to any room. Adding hardwood floors to your home or condominium will add value, as well as years of easy care and cleaning. Engineered Wood Flooring is a ready to install floor; no sanding, staining, or sealing, all of the work has been done at the factory; providing you with an instant wood floor. 

For more information on hardwood floors please visit this reference. For more on hand scraped flooring please visit the references listed in this article.

 Cork Flooring, the Natural Choice  


Cork flooring has been around for a surprisingly long time. Made from the bark of Cork Oak trees, cork flooring is extremely resistant to abrasion and everyday wear. In the early 1900’s, cork floors where installed in certain public buildings, and these original floors still exist today. This attests to corks strength and durability.


Wicanders Cork
Wicanders Series 100


Cork Oak trees are approximately 20-25 years old the first time their bark is harvested. After the virgin harvest, the bark can be harvested every nine years. With its ability to re-grow its bark, the cork tree is stripped of its bark an average of sixteen times in its 200 or so, years. This amazing feat makes cork an excellent renewable product. Cork is 100% biodegradable and recyclable.


Wicanders Series 1000
We Cork
Anderson Dellamano


Not only is cork renewable, it is also naturally energy efficient. With its honeycomb shape, and cellular makeup, cork is a great insulator.   Cork is not just a great insulator of heat and cold, but a wonderful acoustic insulator as well. Cork flooring provides cushion, comfort, and quiet, all in one easy to maintain product. A cork floor is virtually maintenance free. To care for a cork floor, vacuum or sweep it once a week. When a little extra care is needed, just damp mop it occasionally. About once a month should do.


Cork flooring is made by grinding the harvested, cleaned, and boiled cork, and mixing it with resin. It is then put on sheets and baked in a kiln. The heat from the kiln, combined with the natural sugars in the cork, give the flooring its natural caramel color. Other colors can also be created by adding dyes, or adjusting heat times to the baking process.


Anderson Hickory Forge Hammer Glow
Columbia Hardwood Flooring
Armstrong Heritage Classics
Kahrs Flooring

The fact that a cork floor does not absorb dust and other particles makes it allergen free.  Suberin, a natural ingredient found in cork bark, naturally repels insects and moisture, and also acts as a fire retardant. With its ability to resist moisture, a cork floor is also anti-microbial and antibacterial. These qualities combine to make cork a healthy choice in flooring. Cork makes for an extraordinary floor, versatile enough to use in any home or place of business.